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Dr. Robert Klitzman with Bob Whiteman in 2013

In Memoriam: Bob Whiteman

On February 20, 2014, the Columbia University Bioethics Program lost a dear member of its community when Bob Whiteman passed away due to … [Read More...]

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Adrienne Asch: A Career at the Intersection of Bioethics and Disability Studies

by Sara Bergstresser • The first time I heard Adrienne Asch speak, she had assumed her role as a respected and influential member of … [Read More...]


An Ethical Expose on the Oral Arguments in Sibelius v. Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Woods v. Sibelius

by Emmanuel A. Kornyo As the oral arguments in Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties v. Sibelius seem to attain a crescendo and … [Read More...]

Dr. Robert Klitzman with Bob Whiteman in 2013

For Everything A Season

by Bob Whiteman • Robert G. Whiteman ("Bob") was a graduate of the Columbia University Bioethics Program and this featured article is in … [Read More...]

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Should we live for 200 or more years? Aubrey de Grey has a plan to radically extend human life span. Is it a good idea?

by Sylvia English • Strategy to engineer negligible senescence (SENS) is a project established by eccentric scientist Aubrey de Grey. With … [Read More...]

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The Domestic and International Ethical Debate on Rationing Care of Illegal Immigrants

by Brandon Sultan • The millions of illegal immigrants in the United States have created a significant burden on the country’s healthcare … [Read More...]


The New Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

by Madeline Goldberg • In the wake of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” laws that were passed by Congress and later … [more...]

Genomic Microsurgery: the Good and the Bad

by Gabriella Foe • Genomic microsurgery is a type of genetic modification whereby DNA segments are inserted, removed, … [more...]

You Are What You Eat: When Personal Choices Become Public Issue – The Case of Sugar

by Emmanuel A. Kornyo • The aphorism “you are what you eat” or put more aptly “man is what he eats” succinctly … [more...]

Is The War On Electronic Cigarettes Legitimate?

by Derek Ayeh • With Los Angeles’ move to ban electronic cigarettes from public spaces they could soon be joining … [more...]

ReelAbilities: Heart-Opening Insights, Mind-Boggling Questions

by Jhia Jackson • Quality of life is a standard phrase that can often be tossed into medical and bioethical … [more...]

The Challenges of Preventive Screenings

by Stephanie Holmquist • Implementing preventive care and screening test strategies to reduce disease and illness … [more...]

Envisioning a Health System without Necessary Informed Consent

by Sebastian Agredo • Ever since the publication of the Belmont Report and the adoption of the Declaration of Helsinki … [more...]

TRAP Laws and Their Impact on Women’s Health

Eyal Press, in the February 3, 2014 edition of the New Yorker, wrote an expose on Steven Brigham, a physician and … [more...]

News Articles of Interest

Obesity threatening the health of Saudi children As childhood obesity becomes a global health threat, physicians and … [more...]

In This Week’s Papers

The New York Times reports on the Access Campaign of Doctors Without Borders to provide the newest Hepatitis C treatment … [more...]

Where do Babies Come From?: Another Reproductive Science Progress

by Marilyn Eshikena • A relatively novel procedure has joined the frontiers in reproductive technology.  As … [more...]


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