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Concentrated Fiber Capsules OR Fresh Salad

Dietary Supplements: Ethical Considerations

by Kacper Niburski • If you ever took supplements and didn’t feel any better, it’s probably because you didn’t take any in the first … [Read More...]


A Question of Mercy: Contrasting Current and Past Perspectives on Physician- Assisted Suicide

by Mahala Yates Stripling, Ph.D. • The right-to-die debate was cast into the spotlight on November 1, 2014, when Brittany … [Read More...]


The Quest for Ethical Isometric Principles in Cross-Cultural Bioethical Research

by Emmanuel A. Kornyo • Preamble It is undeniable that contemporary corpus of biomedical research continues to gather … [Read More...]


Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) – Part I

by Emmanuel A. Kornyo •  Introduction The phenomena and practice of improving crop and animal species seem germane to … [Read More...]

hearing aid hospice patients

Hearing loss an oft-overlooked problem for hospice patients

by Randi Belisomo • Among dying hospice patients, hearing problems are often overlooked, but shouldn’t be, experts say. Families and … [Read More...]


Genomic Microsurgery: the Good and the Bad

by Gabriella Foe • Genomic microsurgery is a type of genetic modification whereby DNA segments are inserted, removed, … [more...]

In Case You Missed It: Recent News in Bioethics

by Stephanie Holmquist • A recent JAMA study questions the current value of the "patient-centered medical home” … [more...]

Respecting Choices: Financial Facts and Figures

by Randi Belisomo •Respecting Choices, an advance care planning program developed in LaCrosse, Wisconsin’s Gundersen … [more...]

Coverage Watch: Elisabeth Rosenthal, The New York Times

by Stephanie Holmquist • You may not have noticed her byline, but chances are you’ve read, and groaned over, … [more...]

POLST: Making Sure Patients Get What They Want

by Sebastian Agredo • In stark contrast to the legislative developments in the Louisiana Capitol, a bill is awaiting … [more...]

The Challenges of Preventive Screenings

by Stephanie Holmquist • Implementing preventive care and screening test strategies to reduce disease and illness … [more...]

The American Living Organ Donor Fund: Removing Financial Barriers to Benevolent Actions

by Randi Belisomo • An online fundraising campaign brought in three hundred dollars. Friends from church pooled just … [more...]

Envisioning a Health System without Necessary Informed Consent

by Sebastian Agredo • Ever since the publication of the Belmont Report and the adoption of the Declaration of Helsinki … [more...]


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