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Undergraduate Bioethics Essay Contest

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John Arras

Remembering John Arras

by Dallas M. Ducar • John Arras, a down-to-earth, outspoken, and kind-hearted philosopher, died after having a stroke on Monday March … [Read More...]


Dignity After Death and Protecting the Sanctity of Human Remains

by Matt Dias • Moral and philosophical conceptions of dignity hold that a human being is entitled to receive ethical treatment, and to be … [Read More...]


Cognitive Enhancement for the Healthy

by Carolyn Chapman  • Healthy high school and college students, as well as working adults, are turning to drugs for cognitive enhancement … [Read More...]


Leaving a Legacy: Adolescent and Young Adult End-of-Life Care Planning

by Louisa Howard End of Life (EoL) care has expanded into a vital component of medical practice, as patients and their providers partake … [Read More...]


The Need for Dialogue before Editing Human Embryos

By Dallas M. Ducar • An ethical line may have recently been crossed, stirring up long-lasting debates on the ethics of manipulating the … [Read More...]

Ethics Conference

Upcoming Ethics Conference in Brooklyn, NY

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A Call to Remove Financial Disincentives to Organ Donation

by Randi Belisomo • Taking the financial burden off the shoulders of donors and families is not only more fair, but … [more...]

Respecting Choices: Financial Facts and Figures

by Randi Belisomo •Respecting Choices, an advance care planning program developed in LaCrosse, Wisconsin’s Gundersen … [more...]

Scott Panetti on Death Row

By Dallas Ducar • On December 3rd, 2014 a Texas man was scheduled to be put to death at the decision of the state. … [more...]

Envisioning a Health System without Necessary Informed Consent

by Sebastian Agredo • Ever since the publication of the Belmont Report and the adoption of the Declaration of Helsinki … [more...]

Texas Law Obstructs Pregnant Mother’s Right to Die

by Derek Ayeh•By now the legitimacy of do not resuscitate (DNR) orders are acknowledged by everyone – if a patient … [more...]

Using Prudence When Prescribing

by Dallas M. Ducar • Over the last decade, the number of Americans who took a single prescription drug increased by … [more...]

Pregnancy, Brain Death, and A Proposed Louisiana Bill

by Derek Ayeh • Since the moment House Bill 1274 hit Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s desk, it has been the subject … [more...]

Suspending Informed Consent

by Dallas M. Ducar • The notion of suspended human animation has long been a topic in science fiction. Whether it is … [more...]


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