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Undergraduate Bioethics Essay Contest

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A Law Student Says “No” to Freezing Her Eggs

by Katarina Lee • Tick-tock goes our biological clocks. A law professor who I admire greatly, only half-jokingly said to my class that … [Read More...]


Why We Don’t Need a MERS Vaccine

by Pranav Aurora • On the heels of the Ebola outbreak, the globe is confronting another potential pandemic – the Middle Eastern … [Read More...]

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The Uncharted Terrain of Assisted Reproductive Medicine

By Louisa Howard • The High Court in London recently made what is considered to be an unprecedented ruling on reproductive rights. The … [Read More...]


Acupuncture Journeys to the West

by Stephanie Holmquist• Tang Muli designed Acupuncture Anaesthesia in 1972 as a propaganda statement. Like other Chinese social realist … [Read More...]

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“Momentary Relief” & “A Fool’s Guide to Grief”

by Priya Misra • As medical students we have the privilege and the burden of witnessing human suffering, death, healing, and humanity on … [Read More...]


The Boundaries of Treating Ebola

By Dallas Ducar • On July 29th, 2014 the doctor who was leading the charge in Sierra Leone against Ebola, Sheik Umar … [more...]

In Case You Missed It: Recent News in Bioethics

by Stephanie Holmquist • A recent JAMA study questions the current value of the "patient-centered medical home” … [more...]

Pregnancy, Brain Death, and A Proposed Louisiana Bill

by Derek Ayeh • Since the moment House Bill 1274 hit Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s desk, it has been the subject … [more...]

When the Disabled Become Isolated: The Story of Snowflake

by Dallas Ducar •On the outskirts of a small town called Snowflake, just 150 miles northeast of Phoenix, Arizona lies a … [more...]

Trading Autonomy for Therapy

by Dallas M. Ducar • The City Board of Supervisors of San Francisco County is considering implementing a law which … [more...]

How to Boycott Animal Testing

by Marilyn Eshikena • Animal rights extremism is no stranger to the news headlines, with involved individuals moving … [more...]

Coverage Watch: Elisabeth Rosenthal, The New York Times

by Stephanie Holmquist • You may not have noticed her byline, but chances are you’ve read, and groaned over, … [more...]

Concussions in Sports: NFL Carrying the Ball Toward Change in Brain Injury Policy

by Donna Hanrahan • Concussions have long been the dominant subject of concern in the sports world and are a … [more...]


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