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Dr. Robert Klitzman with Bob Whiteman in 2013

In Memoriam: Bob Whiteman

On February 20, 2014, the Columbia University Bioethics Program lost a dear member of its community when Bob Whiteman passed away due to … [Read More...]

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Adrienne Asch: A Career at the Intersection of Bioethics and Disability Studies

by Sara Bergstresser • The first time I heard Adrienne Asch speak, she had assumed her role as a respected and influential member of … [Read More...]

Rape Silence

R*pe: Still a Four-Letter Word

by Jhia Louise Jackson • F*ck. Sh*t. D*mn. Most of us learned at an early age what the “forbidden” four-letter words were. We knew not … [Read More...]


An Ethical Expose on the Oral Arguments in Sibelius v. Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Woods v. Sibelius

by Emmanuel A. Kornyo • As the oral arguments in Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties v. Sibelius seem to attain a crescendo and … [Read More...]

Dr. Robert Klitzman with Bob Whiteman in 2013

For Everything A Season

by Bob Whiteman • Robert G. Whiteman ("Bob") was a graduate of the Columbia University Bioethics Program and this featured article is in … [Read More...]

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Should we live for 200 or more years? Aubrey de Grey has a plan to radically extend human life span. Is it a good idea?

by Sylvia English • Strategy to engineer negligible senescence (SENS) is a project established by eccentric scientist Aubrey de Grey. With … [Read More...]


R*pe: Still a Four-Letter Word

by Jhia Louise Jackson • F*ck. Sh*t. D*mn. Most of us learned at an early age what the “forbidden” four-letter … [more...]

The New Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

by Madeline Goldberg • In the wake of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” laws that were passed by Congress and later … [more...]

Genomic Microsurgery: the Good and the Bad

by Gabriella Foe • Genomic microsurgery is a type of genetic modification whereby DNA segments are inserted, removed, … [more...]

You Are What You Eat: When Personal Choices Become Public Issue – The Case of Sugar

by Emmanuel A. Kornyo • The aphorism “you are what you eat” or put more aptly “man is what he eats” succinctly … [more...]

Is The War On Electronic Cigarettes Legitimate?

by Derek Ayeh • With Los Angeles’ move to ban electronic cigarettes from public spaces they could soon be joining … [more...]

ReelAbilities: Heart-Opening Insights, Mind-Boggling Questions

by Jhia Jackson • Quality of life is a standard phrase that can often be tossed into medical and bioethical … [more...]

The Challenges of Preventive Screenings

by Stephanie Holmquist • Implementing preventive care and screening test strategies to reduce disease and illness … [more...]

Envisioning a Health System without Necessary Informed Consent

by Sebastian Agredo • Ever since the publication of the Belmont Report and the adoption of the Declaration of Helsinki … [more...]

TRAP Laws and Their Impact on Women’s Health

Eyal Press, in the February 3, 2014 edition of the New Yorker, wrote an expose on Steven Brigham, a physician and … [more...]

News Articles of Interest

Obesity threatening the health of Saudi children As childhood obesity becomes a global health threat, physicians and … [more...]

In This Week’s Papers

The New York Times reports on the Access Campaign of Doctors Without Borders to provide the newest Hepatitis C treatment … [more...]


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