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Excerpt from the Department of Defense's SOP for Detainee Patient Restraint

Leaked Documents Raise Questions Over Defense Department’s Forced Medication of Detainees

By Joshua P. Preston • Released as part of WikiLeaks’ 2012 “The Detainee Policies,” classified documents from the U.S. Department of … [Read More...]


The Dangers of Early Identification

By Dallas M. Ducar • It’s the end of a hard day of work and you arrive home to see your child alone, talking to herself. At first this … [Read More...]

organ donation

The Risks in Presuming

By Louisa Howard • Organ transplantation brings up a myriad of bioethical issues, especially with regard to informed consent. In the US, … [Read More...]


Ebola Patients and the Ethics of Unilateral Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders

By Kevin Van Geem  • The bioethicist Joseph Fins, M.D. recently called for unilateral do-not-resuscitate (DNR) orders for all patients … [Read More...]

Pregnant woman in the office

Hope in a Freezer: The 21st Century Pandora’s Box

By Kacper Niburski • Pregnancy has become a disease. Saying as much is hard to stomach, harder even to conceive. But in the current … [Read More...]


News Articles of Interest

Obesity threatening the health of Saudi children As childhood obesity becomes a global health threat, physicians and … [more...]

Suspending Informed Consent

by Dallas M. Ducar • The notion of suspended human animation has long been a topic in science fiction. Whether it is … [more...]

For Those Interested in Aging

A new group for Students Studying Aging is forming in New York City. The mission of the group is to convene students, … [more...]

When the Disabled Become Isolated: The Story of Snowflake

by Dallas Ducar •On the outskirts of a small town called Snowflake, just 150 miles northeast of Phoenix, Arizona lies a … [more...]

Taxpayers Funding Sex Change

by Marilyn Eshikena • When convicted murderer Robert Kosilek sued the commissioner of the Massachusetts … [more...]

Confidentiality and Cost: Barriers to Adolescent Contraception

by Kaitlynd Hiller • In late September, the American Academy of Pediatrics published an article updating their 2007 … [more...]

The Social Responsibility of a Social Network

by Dallas M. Ducar • You may have participated in a published research study without even knowing it.  In 2012, … [more...]

Voices in Bioethics Recommendation

Don’t miss Arnold Relman’s “On Breaking One’s Neck” in the February 6th New York Review of Books. Relman is familiar as … [more...]


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