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Undergraduate Bioethics Essay Contest

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A Law Student Says “No” to Freezing Her Eggs

by Katarina Lee • Tick-tock goes our biological clocks. A law professor who I admire greatly, only half-jokingly said to my class that … [Read More...]


Why We Don’t Need a MERS Vaccine

by Pranav Aurora • On the heels of the Ebola outbreak, the globe is confronting another potential pandemic – the Middle Eastern … [Read More...]

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The Uncharted Terrain of Assisted Reproductive Medicine

By Louisa Howard • The High Court in London recently made what is considered to be an unprecedented ruling on reproductive rights. The … [Read More...]


Acupuncture Journeys to the West

by Stephanie Holmquist• Tang Muli designed Acupuncture Anaesthesia in 1972 as a propaganda statement. Like other Chinese social realist … [Read More...]

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“Momentary Relief” & “A Fool’s Guide to Grief”

by Priya Misra • As medical students we have the privilege and the burden of witnessing human suffering, death, healing, and humanity on … [Read More...]


Letter from the Editor

Congratulations to Voices in Bioethics Editorial Staff Member Obiora N. Anekwe! … [more...]

One Step Closer to Gattaca?

by Gabriella Foe • What if you could know the complete genetic make-up of your child before he or she is born? … [more...]

Voices in Bioethics Recommendation

Don’t miss Arnold Relman’s “On Breaking One’s Neck” in the February 6th New York Review of Books. Relman is familiar as … [more...]

Undergraduate Bioethics Essay Contest


Suspending Informed Consent

by Dallas M. Ducar • The notion of suspended human animation has long been a topic in science fiction. Whether it is … [more...]

Manipulating Malaria

by Dallas M. Ducar • According to the World Health Organization (WHO) about 3.4 billion people are at risk for … [more...]

Drug Policy Places New Pressures on Hospice

by Randi Belisomo • The Policy After outcry over a new rule intended to help avoid duplicate payments for … [more...]

Ridding Ourselves of Noxious “Death Panel” Discourse

by Lillian Ringel • On Friday, April 11, 2014, Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK), along with co-sponsors Senators Chris Coons … [more...]


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