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John Arras

Remembering John Arras

by Dallas M. Ducar • John Arras, a down-to-earth, outspoken, and kind-hearted philosopher, died after having a stroke on Monday March … [Read More...]

Hospital Ship USNS Comfort Treats Victims Of Earthquake In Haiti

Gentle Cesareans: the humane future of surgical delivery

by Kevin Van Geem • In 2013 nearly 1 in 3 American babies were born via cesarean delivery.[1] In the United States these deliveries are … [Read More...]


Gambling and Accompanying Concerns Spike in March

by Randi Belisomo • It’s an office tradition that can create camaraderie, boost morale and provide escape from daily routine. March … [Read More...]


Reevaluating current HIV Laws: A Call to Action

by Louisa Howard • The US is one of approximately 60 countries that has enacted laws making it a crime to expose others to HIV, to engage … [Read More...]


The General Public is Neutral on “Neurolaw”

by Joshua Preston • Over the last ten years, much has been written about the intersection of neuroscience and law and how it may lead us … [Read More...]


Confidentiality and Cost: Barriers to Adolescent Contraception

by Kaitlynd Hiller • In late September, the American Academy of Pediatrics published an article updating their 2007 … [more...]

Genomic Microsurgery: the Good and the Bad

by Gabriella Foe • Genomic microsurgery is a type of genetic modification whereby DNA segments are inserted, removed, … [more...]

On the Case of Child Euthanasia

by Gabriella Foe • Opponents of legalizing physician assisted suicide (“PAS”) argue that legalization would … [more...]

R*pe: Still a Four-Letter Word

by Jhia Louise Jackson • F*ck. Sh*t. D*mn. Most of us learned at an early age what the “forbidden” four-letter … [more...]

Media Landscape Opens Opportunity for Earlier, Better End of Life Care: ASCO’s Inaugural Palliative Care Symposium

by Randi Belisomo • The prevalence of end of life decisions in current media and literature provides an opening for … [more...]

The Atlanta Neuroethics Consortium: Neuro-Interventions and the Law

by Joshua Preston • Recently, I attended the Atlanta Neuroethics Consortium’s (ANEC) conference on … [more...]

Pregnancy, Brain Death, and A Proposed Louisiana Bill

by Derek Ayeh • Since the moment House Bill 1274 hit Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s desk, it has been the subject … [more...]

You Are What You Eat: When Personal Choices Become Public Issue – The Case of Sugar

by Emmanuel A. Kornyo • The aphorism “you are what you eat” or put more aptly “man is what he eats” succinctly … [more...]


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